Forgotten your Bitcoin Core Wallet Password?

Yes, we CAN recover your bitcoin wallet password!
- No upfront fee
- No recovery = No fee
- Full transparancy, we sign a legal contract with you.
- AFTER password recovery, we return your BTC minus our fee.
- Based in UK / Cayman Islands.
- Professional IT team, powerful GPU/CPU servers.
- Call us - you have nothing to lose.

Our experienced UK team of professional software engineers can recover your wallet. Using our custom software we can bruteforce your Bitcoin Core wallet to find it's password and recover your BTC. Give us a try. Contact us via Telegram TODAY!

Full Transparancy

We are a team of software engineers who have worked in IT for many years and have a passion for Bitcoin. Our lead password recovery expert is William J. Banks, who has have developed custom software to recover your password efficiently and fast.

For every recovery case we take on, we will sign a full legal contract, with our legal names and all the details of your specific wallet address etc. You can be assured that we will not try to scam you. Our reputation is our first and foremost concern.

How does it work?

First you reach out to us and we'll discuss with you what you can remember about your password. Next, if you are happy to proceed and we think it's possible, we will sign a legally binding contract, promising to return your wallet to you, minus our fee, as soon as we manage to recover the password.

Depending on what you can remember, the process could take as little as one day. More difficult cases could take up to a month or more. For more difficult cases, we may have to negotiate a higher fee.

Our Clients

We encourage all our clients to write reviews about their experience on TrustPilot. We have never had an unsatisfied client! We are currently working on adding some testimonials here. Watch this space!

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